Here are the bands (in alphabetical order) available for 2021 and 2022.

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BLEEDSKIN - Death Metal - BEL

BleedSkin is a Death Metal band from Belgium founded in September 2016 by Céline Mazay and Rémy Adam. The main sources of inspiration are metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Abnormality, Dying Fetus, Benighted, …

BleedSkin has already had the opportunity to open for Sinister (Nl), Blood Red Throne (No), Sisters of suffocation (Nl), Debauchery (De), Hacavitz (Mex), Torturerama (Bra), Escarnium (Bra), Temnein (Fr), Komah (Be), Carrion (Be), Exuviated (Be), Reject The Sickness (Be) and many more.

The band’s first demo -The Rotten One- was released in April 2018.
The demo quickly met with great success in Belgium and the band built up a solid fan base in the region.

In 2020, BleedSkin recorded their first full album: “Blood Reign”. 11 tracks for 40 min of brutal death metal. The first single “Eternal Hatred” was released as a music video on August 27th. The album was released on October 2, 2020. Self-production.

The 30th June 2021, BleedSkin released a new title: “Physical Redemption” with a studio playthrough video.

DEMENZIA MORTIS - Black/Death Metal - BEL

The band was created in Belgium in 2014 by Asmodeus (bass), who was joined by Ax Hell (drums). Grabak Hellfire (ex-Nemesis Irae) joins the band by the end of that year. Naberus arrives in 2015. Since 2016, the band played over 40 gigs between Belgium and France.

In August 2018, Demenzia Mortis released its first EP « Memento Mori » and was distributed by Malpermesita Records, via Season Of Mist. After sharing the stage with bands like Dark Funeral, Mgla, Azarath, Voltumna, Noctem, Hats Barn, Karne, Opera IX and many more, Demenzia Mortis entered the studio for the recording of their full album: Anti Kult.

ANTI KULT was released on march 19th 2021 on Sounds of Hell Records.

DRAKKAR - Heavy/Speed Metal - BEL

Born in the darkness of 1983, DRAKKAR , a Speed/Heavy Metal band must wait untl 1987 to fnd their way and a demo tape was recorded under the artistic direction of Rudy Lenners (ex Scorpions’s Drummer). In 1988, they recorded for an album, always produced by Rudy Lenners and they signed a contract with NEW MUSIDISC (PARIS) : the Mythical «X- RATED» Album, became a reality fact and was acclaimed by fans and medias. DRAKKAR has now 4 studio albums, including “Diabolical Empathy” (2017). They played at Alcatraz Metal Festival 2021.

IMPVREZA - Hispanic Extreme Metal - FRA/SPA
Born in 2004 by the idea of Lionel and Laurent who agreed to make the Spanish blood run with the violence of death metal attitude on a stage, Impureza started to work on their uncommon proposal of flamenco guitars and brutal fury.
After having auditioned various drummers, Guilhem (Veloce Hystoria) joined the band and due to the departure of Greg (guitar), Raf succeeded in taking his place to complete the formation.
So far, three demos have been released : “Y Correra La Sangre” (2004), “Ruina De La Penitencia” (2006), “En El Desierto De La Carencia” (2008). In 2010, the band was ready to unleash to the audience their first full length, titled “La Iglesia Del Odio”, mixed by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) and mastered by Colin Davis (Vile).
Changes in the roster didn’t halt the band’s progress, whom are ready to enter the studio to record the new album in early of 2014.
With the entrance of Esteban (ex Como Muertos) as the growler and Florian as the bassist. The combo will release a brand new EP and allow us to taste a bit of Spanish aggression before the release of their full length album.
Influenced by Nile, Behemoth, Origin and the mighty flamenco star Paco De Lucia, Impureza elaborates on events from Spanish history, conquerings and massacres. Be prepared for epic songs, disciplined riffing, and blast beats with a dark and suffocating ambient atmosphere.
Impureza has participated in numerous local gigs as well as more major ones in places such as France, Belgium, and Holland, just to name a few. They played twice at the Hellfest, in 2007 and 2011, and twice at Motorcultor in 2009 and 2012. So far, they have supported well-established acts such as Suffocation, Gojira, Monolith Death Cult, Disavowed, and Svart Crown. Recently, they signed a deal with Season of Mist . « Let the Iberian voracity devour you. »

IN HELL - Death/Black Metal - FR

IN HELL is a French black death metal band created in January 2014. The band offers extreme music based on dark and melodic influences of Nordic black metal with heavier and destructive atmospheres of American death metal. The texts are written and directed to all monotheistic religions, on the horrors they have caused for thousands of years. IN HELL released their first Ep HOSTIS ECCLESIAE in January 2015 on the German label WinterWolf Records. In November 2017, HOSTIS ECCLESIAE was reissued for a version recorded in the studio, in self-production and received a very good review from the French and international media. The first album of the band SATANICA MUNDI was released on January 25, 2019 at the French Metal label Mystyk Prod and distributed by Season of Mist, the album ranked second best album in the top thirty 2019 of the radio show Tapage Nocturne, which made enter IN HELL as a band recognized within the Metal community in France and beyond its borders. IN HELL draws its strength above all on stage by offering an energetic, violent and unhealthy set that sticks very well to its musical identity and having participated in more than six years in numerous concerts with renowned bands from the French and international scene.

IRON FLESH - Death Metal - FR
Iron Flesh is a one man band born in january 2017. Julien Helwin’ s goal with this band was to create an old school death metal entity with a strong 90s vibe.
The first EP “Worship the necrogod” was recorded in march 2017 at Heldscalla studio
Really appreciated by the metal community and the press in general, there was a demand of hearing how those songs could sound live .
To complete the line up Julien was joined by Sylvestre Alexandre on guitar ( Death lab, Agressor, Ad patres ), Seb Lalanne on bass ( ex – TGOO ) and Guilhem on drums ( Strynn, Allegiance)
A second EP “Scourge of Demonic incantation” was released on april 7th 2018, unleashing 5 new songs .
First album was recorded at Darkened studio with Nerik (sound guy from Regarde les Hommes Tomber).
“Forged Faith Bleeding” came out on May the 1st 2019 via Epictural Production
January 2020 : The band signed on Great Dane records – November 27th : Release of “Summoning the Putrid” recorded at Secret Place Studio with Davis Thiers (Gorod), released in vinyl in 2021.

MERCYLESS - Death Metal - FR
Mercyless is the legendary french death metal band.
Formed in 1987, MERCYLESS released their kvlt debut, “Abject Offerings”, produced by world-class producer Colin Richardson (Carcass, Machine Head, Napalm Death..), in 1992 through UK’s Vinyl Solution / World in Flames. Preceded by three demos and an EP (“Immortal Harmonies”, “Visions from the Past”, “Vomiting Nausea” from 1988 to 1990), followed by countless gigs in Europe, the album, with its trademark riffing and vocal styles on top of a brutal, uncompromising yet crystal-clear production and a truly personal approach of unholy Death Metal, immediately earned the band the worldwide recognition it deserved.
Mortis Mutilati was created as a one-man band by Macabre in 2011. After an EP and a first album called « Nameless Here For Evermore » released under the banner of Naturmacht Production (Germany), the band gave its first gig in 2013 in Paris, opening for the Canadian band Sombres Forêts.
Following the release of their second album « Mélopée Funèbre », still under the German label, Mortis Mutilati performed in various European countries like United Kingdom, Russia or Germany, to name only a few.
Mortis Mutilati then came to auto production recording their two latest albums « The Stench Of Death » and « The Fate of Flight 800 » respectively released in 2018 and 2020 at the Endorser Studio (Sweden), under the supervision of Devo Andersoon (ex-Marduk) who participated in both recordings with samples and guitar solos. At this period, the band performed across the Atlantic for a ten headlining shows tour in Mexico.
Today, an EP « Scutigeridae » is on preparation and the band is scheduled to play at Hellfest Open Air Festival 2022 in Clisson, France.
PUTRID OFFAL - Death/Grind - FR

27 years ago, one of the very first French Grindcore bands (along Blockheads, Inhumate, etc.) was born from the sick minds of Franck Peiffer and Frédéric Houriez, Ludovic Loez joined them. It was 1990 and PUTRID OFFAL was one of, if not the, very first Goregrind act(s) ever to emerge from France.

A first demo, “Unformed“, is quickly released (1990) and the band starts getting the attention of the worldwide Grindcore underground. This will result in their “At the Sight of the Foul Offal…” split 7􀀀􀀀 EP with Grinding legends Agathocles (Skin Drill / Seraphic Decay, 1991).

Ludovic Loez leaves the band and is quickly replaced by Boris Reisdorff (Nocturnal Fears) before PUTRID OFFAL enter the studio again to record what will become their cult “Premature Necropsy” split LP with Switzerland’s Exculceration (Wimp / Adipocere).

In 2013, twenty years after its last recording, Frédéric Houriez and Franck Peiffer, joined by Philippe Reinhalter (Division Alpha) are re-animating PUTRID OFFAL’s dead flesh and start rehearsing and recording some material. The band joins the Kaotoxin roster.

An EP, “Suffering” is out in november 2014. The reactivated legends have been re-recording all of their back-catalogue along with bonus stuff.

“Mature necropsy”, the title of this release out in february 2015, is mind-blowing and will completely delight old-PUTRID OFFAL fans as well as definitely chop new heads !

After the release of ‘Mature Necropsy’, the band goes on the biggest festivals like the Fall of summer, Hellfest, Obscene extreme , Stonehenge…It also carries out 2 tours with 2 others mythical bands that are Mercyless and Inhume.

The group then goes back to the studio and prepare the rest of the autopsies and give a new lesson in anatomy by releasing an EP while waiting for the next one, Sicknesses obsessions.