Here’s the 9th and last (for now…) band of our roster!

All hail french death/grind butchers of Putrid Offal ! 💀💀

27 years ago, one of the very first French Grindcore bands (along Blockheads, Inhumate, etc.) was born from the sick minds of Franck Peiffer and Frédéric Houriez, Ludovic Loez joined them. It was 1990 and PUTRID OFFAL was one of, if not the, very first Goregrind act(s) ever to emerge from France.

A first demo, “Unformed“, is quickly released (1990) and the band starts getting the attention of the worldwide Grindcore underground. This will result in their “At the Sight of the Foul Offal…” split 7 EP with Grinding legends Agathocles (Skin Drill / Seraphic Decay, 1991).

Ludovic Loez leaves the band and is quickly replaced by Boris Reisdorff (Nocturnal Fears) before PUTRID OFFAL enter the studio again to record what will become their cult “Premature Necropsy” split LP with Switzerland’s Exculceration (Wimp / Adipocere).

In 2013, twenty years after its last recording, Frédéric Houriez and Franck Peiffer, joined by Philippe Reinhalter (Division Alpha) are re-animating PUTRID OFFAL’s dead flesh and start rehearsing and recording some material. The band joins the Kaotoxin roster.

An EP, “Suffering” is out in november 2014. The reactivated legends have been re-recording all of their back-catalogue along with bonus stuff.

“Mature necropsy”, the title of this release out in february 2015, is mind-blowing and will completely delight old-PUTRID OFFAL fans as well as definitely chop new heads !

After the release of ‘Mature Necropsy’, the band goes on the biggest festivals like the Fall of summer, Hellfest, Obscene extreme , Stonehenge…It also carries out 2 tours with 2 others mythical bands that are Mercyless and Inhume. The group then goes back to the studio and prepare the rest of the autopsies and give a new lesson in anatomy by releasing an EP while waiting for the next one, Sicknesses obsessions.


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