The roster gets darker, with the arrival of black metallers Mortis Mutilati 🇫🇷
Mortis Mutilati was created as a one-man band by Macabre in 2011. After an EP and a first album called « Nameless Here For Evermore » released under the banner of Naturmacht Production (Germany), the band gave its first gig in 2013 in Paris, opening for the Canadian band Sombres Forêts.
Following the release of their second album « Mélopée Funèbre », still under the German label, Mortis Mutilati performed in various European countries like United Kingdom, Russia or Germany, to name only a few.
Mortis Mutilati then came to auto production recording their two latest albums « The Stench Of Death » and « The Fate of Flight 800 » respectively released in 2018 and 2020 at the Endorser Studio (Sweden), under the supervision of Devo Andersoon (ex-Marduk) who participated in both recordings with samples and guitar solos. At this period, the band performed across the Atlantic for a ten headlining shows tour in Mexico.
Today, an EP « Scutigeridae » is on preparation and the band is scheduled to play at Hellfest Open Air Festival 2022 in Clisson, France.
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